The ZionKids series was developed and produced by Gwen Shamblin, founder of the Weigh Down Workshop and best-selling author of Weigh Down Diet. A mother of two grown children and grandmother to four beautiful girls, Gwen saw a need in the current childrenís video market for lessons that combined fundamental educational principles with precious instruction about God and His Word.

The ZionKids series of DVD lessons will bring joy and fun to the entire family! Each activity- packed 30-minute lesson will combine fundamental preschool and elementary instruction along- side age-appropriate Bible stories, moral lessons, and music that will get feet of all ages jumping and dancing in praise to the Father! Children will learn about Godís beautiful creation through nature, animals, music, friendships, and more! Fun-fi lled settings and lessons will guide children through their ABCs, counting, colors, and shapes. And best of all, every lesson in ZionKids will point viewers of all ages directly back up to God and Christ in praise and prayeróbecause, like it says in ZionKids, "Itís all about GOD!"

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